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Introductory Remarks

Mrs. Judy Mwila - President and Founder of FAN

The family is the most vital small institute of human survival.   Small as the family may see compared to other human groupings, the Family is the engine of influence among all existing establishments.  This is due to the fact that all existing establishments of human endeavor consist of members of families. 


It is therefore clearly inevitable that the product of every possible activity will be propelled by the ability of the performer to discharge their duties effectively, in order to ensure maximum positive output.


Organization Background & Launch


Families Are Nations (F.A.N) was formed in 2009 and registered in 2010. The formation was in the wake of rampant family instability leading to broken homes, marital infidelity, uncared for children, prostitution – all these resulting into higher risks of HIV/AIDS, abusive activities, moral degradation and increased poverty levels in our communities.


Families Are Nations is a female led organization governed by an Advisory Board of Directors drawn from different walks of life and high social standing in society. The FAN Secretariat implements the day to day activities of the organization under the leadership of the President and Country Director who is supported by both professional and non professional staff.


First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba – Sata addressing the official Launch of Families Are Nations in December 2011 (flanked by other Government ministers and Officials)


FAN vulnerable children performing during the Launch on 21st December 2011

FAN embraces the fact that Zambia, like all other African and Third World countries, faces diverse challenges in maintaining a morally sound and governable society among citizens in all age groups and walks of life.

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