Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015


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Fund-Raising Activities

  • Family Building Golf Tournament (November 2010) – This is an annual event first held in 2009 at Chilanga Golf Club. It is an opportunity to showcase the ideals of FAN to the corporate world participating in the tournament held at Chilanga Golf Club. 3. Continued support for the elderly and vulnerable aged – on this programme the families identified require basic monthly ration and support.
  • Twapalwa Micro Financing Facility – Due to the nature of the communities where FAN members live, they require a revolving financial system to support their home based SME business ventures without huge repayment pressures. This can only be done through a continuous micro financing system within the organization
  • FAN Kids DVD – The music production by the FAN Kids requires to be visually produced for an effective impact on communities. This requires financial and material support.

Conclusion FAN has great potential to provide avenues of behavior change, development and protection for vulnerable communities with great and visible impact. All available support will be appreciated in achieving these goals.

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