Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015


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Vulnerable Children Involvement





In the quest to realize its objectives,  FAN has been carrying out various activities involving vulnerable children. These activities include the rehabilitation, care and empowerment of vulnerable children in the communities of operation. 


One of the effective ways of achieving this objective has been through the use of the arts and musical activities to teach as well as  identify potential  in vulnerable children under FAN jurisdiction and support. 


In line with these programs, messages related to vices affecting children and communities such as Child Labour, abuse, HIV/AIDS, gender imbalance and many others are communicated to communities.  Some of the remedial interventions involving vulnerable children introduced by FAN since inception are:-

  1. Counseling, Rehabilitation, relocation and empowerment of vulnerable children
  2. SCREAM Pack (ILO) training of communities against forms of child labor, and other forms of child abuse
  3. Sensitization on common signs and effects of vices against children
  4. Provision of social and sporting facilities and support to vulnerable children
  5. Affiliation to Zambia SCOUTS Association to accord vulnerable children experience and exposure to adventure
  6. Social activities and sessions highlighting major issues affecting the youth and young citizens such as drugs, HIV/AIDS, unemployment and general behavior change
  7. Skills and  HIV training program (The use of drama, song  and the arts in talent identification)

Other useful initiatives being carried out in the communities are:-


  • Basic support to certain identified elderly who have no families to support them.  Currently FAN has been supporting fifteen elderly citizens through self help activities providing basic needs monthly.
  • Poverty alleviation and economic empowerment initiatives in families especially through SMEs activities support of the aged, orphans and community support activities to strengthen family links.
  • Regular Counseling programmes to family members to improve and maintain meaningful family relationships and eliminate tendencies which usually lead to broken homes, the spread of HIV/AIDS through infidelity, divorce, street kids and other negative vices facing family units.  These are held monthly.
  • Effective initiatives to help in the rehabilitation of victims of abuse, gender violence, street kids, wife battering, property grabbing and various vices against family members.
  • Adolescent counseling programmes to help raise morally standing, civilized and well nurtured children and youths for a well prepared and empowered young generation.
  • Using the family units  to influence attitude change among citizens in order to practically reflect the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation through motivational talks, sensitization programs, media calls and any other relevant manner of communication.
  • Represent, mitigate and champion on behalf of families on various forum on issues that affect all forms of family stability.