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As part of ongoing fundraising and operational obligations, FAN has planned the following activities before the end of 2010:-

1. FAN Official  Launch and Fundraising function – this has been planned for December 2010 under the theme “Build Zambia, Build the Family – fight HIV in the family”.  This function will be held following the World AIDS Day (1st December 2010) and in forerunning for the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections next year.  It is envisaged that this platform will be used to emphasize the need to use the family as an agent of peace and oneness as Zambia goes to the polls. Key players in this arena will be expected to participate.  The function requires intensive sponsorship and support from partners.


2. Establishment of a family counseling, rehabilitation, maintenance and training centre

Family Building Golf Tournament (November 2010) – This is an annual event first held in 2009 at Chilanga Golf Club.  It is an opportunity to showcase the ideals of FAN to the corporate world participating in the tournament held at Chilanga Golf Club.

3. Continued support for the elderly and vulnerable aged – on this programme the families identified require basic  monthly ration and support.

4. Twapalwa Micro Financing Facility – Due to the nature of the communities where FAN members live, they require a revolving financial system to support their home based SME business ventures without huge repayment pressures.  This can only be done through a continuous micro financing system within the organization.

5. “Through Thick and Thin” – A talk show which is now ready for sponsorship on any of the local TV stations.  This is an initiative designed to use past family experiences of selected families and individuals to build and support others through experience sharing and mentoring.  The show requires sponsorship and is to be launched this year end.

6. FAN Kids DVD – The music production by the FAN Kids requires to be visually produced for an effective impact on communities.  This requires financial and material support.


FAN has great potential to provide avenues of behavior change, development and protection for vulnerable communities with great and visible impact. 

All available support will be appreciated in achieving these goals.  Plans for expansion and new programs are available and need corporate support and participation to be achieved.